Toxyc has been tattooing for over 20 years now but he’s always been an active artist from a very young age. He specializes in freehand dark themed tattoos and his biggest inspirations will always be the more macabre/sci-fi/horror subjects. Over the years he’s worked as a resident artist in highly reputable studios like Grit n’ Glory (NYC) and Last Rites (NYC) as well as a guest artist at studios like Corpsepainter (Munich, Germany), Studio28 (NYC), Bloodyink (Hamburg, Germany), Fallen Sparrow (Orlando) and Old Larimer Street Tattoo (Denver). He also toured extensively the international tattoo convention scene at events in London, Milan, Paris, Berlin, São Paulo, Hellcity, Ink & Iron, Puerto Rico. All his travels for guest spots in studios and tattoo conventions have provided him with the experience necessary to open his own studio Autopsy Tattoo located in Austin, TX in the hopes of taking his work to a new level as well as provide a creative space for other like minded artists to work.